Clean Power from the Americas to Europe


CAROLINA-PACIFIC LLC, a privately held energy company chartered in South Carolina, welcomes you to the future of energy and economic progress for the Palmetto State. The company is dedicated to innovative and meaningful energy solutions for South Carolina and beyond. The firm's directors and partners are moving forward with two significant Clean Power projects within the realm of FORESTRY PRODUCTS and SWITCHGRASS for Biomass and Biofuel:

FORESTRY PRODUCTS: Our biomass research, production and export facilities are preparing to introduce US renewable fuels to EU utilities today, whether for co-generation or dedicated sourcing for CO2 neutral and near-sulfur free power production. The company has secured agreements with European utilities to capture a portion of the bounty of renewable natural resources in the Southeastern United States and New England, both from the forestry side and through energy crops. New agreements yielding more production demand are being assembled on an ongoing basis. The directors have confidence that the US market will follow suit after their European counterparts, and that eventually, State portfolio criteria, EPA regulations or Congressional mandates will bring the publicly traded US power utilities storming toward biomass in 2010, with power plants scrambling to lay claim to resources in these regions in the period of 2011 to 2014. For now, at least in South Carolina, the utilities pay mere lip service to the notion of clean energy.

In the meantime, the company's focus is intently on the UK and Northern European markets, where clean power generation is taken quite seriously. EU and national regulators are imposing mandates and incentives toward a goal of reducing CO2 emissions, and these utilities are already burning approximately 12 million tons of renewable fuels annually to create electricity. The European utilities are investing millions in boilers and material handling systems specifically designed to burn renewable fuels, and Carolina-Pacific is prepared to deliver Clean Power from the Americas to Europe. 

Power Station in East Riding of Yorkshire, UK

In support of its initiative to develop a superior product specifically designed for utilities and industrial applications, Carolina-Pacific developed a product known and trademarked as the ROCette, which delivers in excess of 8,000 BTU per pound or 17.5 Gigajoules per metric tonne to power generators. The ROCette™ is produced using a proprietary method according to the specifications of Carolina-Pacific's customers and is primarily derived from Southern Yellow Pine when produced in the Southeastern US and Northern Pine when crafted in New England and the Canadian provinces. The product is superior to the commonly used "wood pellet" when considering the carbon footprint of the product, including shipping.

Carolina-Pacific's Southern Yellow Pine ROCette

SWITCHGRASS: Carolina-Pacific has committed to delivering Switchgrass (panicum virgatum) as an Energy Crop to power producers in Europe. The company is working with its partners to take advantage of 21st century technologies and to respond to President Bush's 2006 and 2007 State of the Union calls to action on the development of Switchgrass as a dedicated energy crop. In addition, the 2008 Energy Bill and the Obama stimulus initiatives promise to incentivize growth of cleaner alternative fuels through cellulosic hydrolosis to create a regional market for Switchgrass - shown to be a ready supplement to wood when prepared for combustion and more than four times more efficient as a source of ethanol than corn, with a fraction of the petroleum investment required and no burden upon established foodstuff supplies.

Rather than taking agricultural lands out of food crop production, CAROLINA-PACIFIC's Energy Crops are being grown and tested on highway medians, pasture lands, runway infields, pine forest allees, military bases, former tobacco lands, prairie lands, beneath power lines and on acreage formerly used for growing cotton. 

Mature Carolina-Pacific co-sponsored South Carolina's First Switchgrass Conference in November 2007. It also lended its support in 2008 and 2009, when more than 250 participants attended the third annual event.

Each of these programs - FORESTRY PRODUCTS and SWITCHGRASS - promotes US Energy Independence through the establishment of a significant resource of renewable energy resources and the rationalization of resources for harvest and combustion on a significant, but environmentally sustainable basis.

Our approaches consolidate US and foreign energy interests into one of the most advantageous and exciting energy opportunities ever presented in the Southeastern United States. We've developed an advantageous briquette product, continue to collaborate for further refinement of emerging product technologies and are supported by a wide array of public and private interests pursuing the optimum solution to the current adn rising demand for renewable fuels. Our directors have the insight and experience to bring the project to fruition, to bring significant change to rural economies and turn the opportunity into reality. Our marketing representatives work within and know their respective regulatory environments.

In 2007, CAROLINA-PACIFIC earned the support of the South Carolina Renewable Energy Infrastructure Fund to advance its research into combustion. During 2008, we entered the US and European marketplace. By the end of 2008 we were brokering pellets throughout the Eastern United States and in February 2009 shipped our first consignment of ROCettes to Europe. In April, 2009 the company announced it had secured large and long term Energy Crop contracts to British customers and in July 2009 we announced our first large scale commercial endeavor including the launch of our 60,000 mt per year production facilities in South Carolina.

The company's directors expect further announcements in the coming weeks concerning the firm's European market penetration, enancements to the fuel delivery infrastructure and partners in finance and transatlantic transportation.

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