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July 2010:

July 27, 2010: UK Unleashes 20 years of Subsidies for Biomass

July 1, 2010: Deutsche Bank Sounds Banks' Concern over Wood Supplies

May 2010:

May 4, 2010: News Release: Carolina-Pacific Oil Remediation Offer

March 2010:

March 18, 2010: US Senator John Warner (center) met in Columbia with Clemson University's Jim Frederick (L) and Carolina-Pacific's Kern to discuss the potential of Switchgrass as a biomass fuel source and resistance in the Southeastern US Power Generation industry to utilize renewable fuels.

March 5, 2010: SCSPA News Release: Carolina-Pacific, Port of Georgetown Welcome First Ship

March 3, 2010: Port Gets Boost From New Cargo Shipped Overseas

March 1, 2010: Charleston Post & Courier: Port of Georgetown Challenged by Depth Issues 

February 2010:

February 21, 2010: London Times: Drax May Take Green Project Out of UK

February 19, 2010: London Times: UK's Drax Suspends Plan to Replace Coal with Greener Fuel

January 2010:

January 20, 2010: Germany's RWE to Build World's Largest Pellet Factory in Southern Georgia

September 2009:

September 30, 2009: EPA Set to Regulate CO2 Emissions from US Power Stations

August 2009:

August 25, 2009: SC's State Owned Utility Scrubs Coal Burning Power Plant

July 2009:

July 30, 2009: Carolina-Pacific Announces 20 Year Agreement with Port of Georgetown

May 2009:

May 18, 2009: Eastern European Biomass Found Toxic 

April 2009:

April 17, 2009: EPA announces proposed rule to contain Greenhouse Gases

February 2009:

February 9, 2009: Int'l Herald Tribune: Ethanol Industry Roller Coaster Concerns Farmers

December 2008:

December 29, 2008: Charleston Post & Courier: Indigenous Switchgrass Could be a Boon to Local (S.C.) Economy

September 2008:

September 24, 2008: Duke Energy and French partner Areva announce biomass projects for the Eastern Seaboard

September 24, 2008: SC Governor Issues Alternative Energy Plan, Says Biomass Power Potential is 490 MWh or 4.36 MillionTons of Biomass by 2017

      ** Read the September 24 Report of the Governor's Commission

September 17, 2008: Austin Energy in $2.3 Billion Deal for Wood Waste to Biomass Power

August 2008:

August 28, 2008: Georgia Power to build 96 MW Biomass Power Plant

July 2008:

July 24, 2008 Sen. McCain proposes Cap and Trade System to Encourage Green Energy Production

Sen. Obama promises spending $150 billion on renewable energy

June 2008:

June 23, 2008: SC Supreme Court strikes Renewable Energy Programs

May 2008:

May 15, 2008 Scientific American: Dupont Announces $140 million Investment in Switchgrass-to-Ethanol Project

May 14, 2008: SCNow: USC Holds Columbia Forum on Coal, Energy Use in South Carolina

May 10, 2008: The State: Group to Study Need for Kingsburg Coal Plant

May 1, 2008: General Motors Announces investment in Mascoma, a Boston-based cellulosic ethanol engineering company working toward a pilot plant in Knoxville, Tennessee

April 2008:

April 12, 2008: Carolina-Pacific's Ted McNair exhibiting products at the 2008 Rural Heritage Festival in Florence, SC.

April 11, 2008: SC NOW: New Study Contradicts Santee-Cooper Claims for new Coal-burning Power Plant

April 9, 2008: San Diego Union Tribune: US Presidential Candidates on Clean Energy: Where do they stand?

April 8, 2008: Science Daily: Breakthrough in Biofuel Production Process

March 2008:

March 14, 2008: Gas2.0: Switchgrass Could Displace 30% of US Fuel Supplies, reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 94%

March 2008: Geotimes: Switching to Switchgrass

March 7, 2008: Gas2.0: Nation's First Cellulosic Ethanol Plant Goes Online in Wyoming

February 2008:

February 28, 2008: State Newspaper (Columbia, SC): Coal Caps Coming

February 19, 2008: Charleston Regional Business Journal: Carolina-Pacific "Igniting [the] Biofuels Industry"

February 19, 2008: Charleston Post & Courier: Santee Cooper pays $650,000 for study of how to best influence consumers about so-called "Clean Coal"

January 2008:

January 23, 2007: European Union Takes Kyoto Challenge Forward to 2020 

January 11, 2008: Russian Energy Firm Acquires North Charleston Terminal

January 10, 2008: Daimler, Archers Daniel Midland and Bayer Cropscience Announce Biodiesl venture using Jatropha

January 7, 2008: Carolina-Pacific Awarded SC Research Grant

December 2007:

December 20, 2007: Carolina-Pacific joins SC Biomass Council & Alliance

December 20, 2007: President Bush Signs Energy Independence Act

December 14, 2007: Senate Adopts Revised 2007 Farm Bill

“I am especially pleased by the provisions relating to energy programs and our farming community. This bill takes important strides towards energy independence and the protection of our environment through the authorization of energy programs that build on the potential of cellulose-based ethanol as an alternative energy source.”

            -- US Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on the 2007 Farm Bill Extension 

November 2007:

November 6, 2007: Carolina-Pacific to Sponsor Nov. 15 Biofuels Symposium

November 2 2007: NY Times: NY Mayor Bloomberg Proposes Carbon Tax

November 1 2007: Charleston (SC) Post & Courier - Power Plant Protestors say No to Coal

October 2007:

October 30 2007: Charleston (SC) Post & Courier Four Part Feature Story - "The Mercury Connection"

October 29 2007: EU President Focuses Attention on Renewable Fuels - ICAP Declaration

October 18 2007 Kansas DHE Rejects Utility's Coal Power Plant Application - Air Pollution Would Cancel Out Effect of the RGGI in the US

October 2007: National Geographic Magazine: Growing Fuel: The Wrong Way, The Right Way

July 2007:

July 13 2007 Florida Governor Announces Renewable Fuel Partnership Agreements with UK, Germany and FL Utility Emission Limits

June 2007:

June 12 2007 Miami Herald: Pew Foundation OpEd on Cap & Trade Economics

June 6 2007 Oregon Governor Announces Utility Emission Limits

June 2 2007 Financial Times: Biofuels Need Not Leave Us Hungry

May 2007:

May 18 2007 Wall Street Journal: Ethanol's Bitter Taste: Congress is Choking on Corn-based Ethanol

May 2007 Motor Trend: 2020 Foresight

May 16 2007 Clinton Climate Institute Partners with Top World Banks to Fund Renewable Fuels, Green Buildings

May 9 2007 SCBizDaily: Biofuel Company Eyes Williamsburg County

May 8 2007 Carolina-Pacific Press Release: Alternative Energy Company to Propose Kingstree Operations

May 8 2007 Florence (SC) Morning News: Biofuel Firm eyes Pee Dee

May 8 2007 Financial Times: Smart Money is Riding on the Next-Generation Fuels

April 2007:

April 30, 2007: Chinese Shipbuilding Poised to Cut Freight Rates in 2010

April 26 2007 C-P Correspondence to SC House Ways & Means Subcommittee Chair Lanny Littlejohn

April 20 2007 Maryland 10th State to Join Mid-Atlantic, NE Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Adopts Law to Require Biofuels and Solar Power

April 10 2007 Majority Whip James E. Clyburn: SC Legislators Should do More for Environment, Energy

March 2007:

March 2007 Harvard International Review: A New Climate Treaty: US Leadership After Kyoto

February 2007:

February 22 2007 President Bush visits Franklinton, NC's Novozymes NA Inc. to discuss Cellulosic Ethanol

January 2007:

January 23 2007 President George W. Bush: 2007 State of the Union Address: "20 in 10"

January 2006:

January 31 2006 President George W. Bush: 2006 State of the Union Address: Advanced Energy Initiative