Clean Power from the Americas to Europe

                                 The Gateway to Europe

CAROLINA-PACIFIC has positioned itself as a leader in the consolidation, compaction and export of US biomass products to emerging European utility markets.

Biomass co-fired in power plants, like the one pictured above in Karlsruhe, Germany, or burned in localized CHP facilities, creates Clean Power and reduce CO2, SO2, NOX and mercury emissions, generating pollution credits and production enhancements for utilities complying with EU Directive 2003/173 and its progeny, in response to the demands of the Kyoto Protocol in the European Union.

CAROLINA-PACIFIC's products, including premium grade softwood, hardwood and bagasse pellets  and briquettes as well as compressed chips are available for delivery in annual quantities from 24,000 MT up to 240,000 MT. We expect to undertake operations providing supplies of up to 300,000 MT, beginning in the first quarter of 2011. We have fully engineered a large scale solution for a prospective client and/or partner.

CAROLINA-PACIFIC recently secured a long term operating license on the Port of Georgetown (South Carolina) providing the firm's products with excellent deep water access to European markets. The Port of Georgetown can presently handle 'coastal traders' and the Company and the Port are working together to increase the depth to a level sufficient with which to deliver handymax ships in 2010.

The company made a small entry into the US pellet markets recently, brokering approximately 5,000 tons of wood pellets from producers in the Southeastern United States and New England into Boston's metropolitan area during the 2008-09 winter heating season.  

The company has suppliers in the US states of Maine, Rhode Island, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Alabama and Tennessee. In Brazil, the company has relationships with suppliers in the northern State of Para. The company is presently developing relationships with new suppliers.

The company is focused on working with its production partners from throughout the United States to assist them with market entry into the European Union. While its outlook is primarily oriented toward exports, during the 2008-09 winter heating season, the firm made entry into the Northeastern pellet market by placing approximately 5,000 tons of Southern Yellow Pine pellets and Northern White Pine products into the residential market.

CAROLINA-PACIFIC can ship materials in customized, bagged quantities to European ports in containers drop shipped to customer's locations throughout the continent from the Coast of Maine, Providence, RI, Newport News, VA and Georgetown, SC. In Bulk and Breakbulk quantities (Coastal Traders to Handymax), Carolina-Pacific can ship from the US ports in Maine, Chesapeake, VA, Morehead City, NC, Georgetown, SC and Brunswick, GA. The Port of Belem serves as the hub for operations in Northern Brazil.

European Representatives

Our network of representatives is on the cutting edge of European biomass markets:

*  In the United Kingdom and Ireland, contact Jon Vicary in York, England. +44 (0) 1430 872 292

* In Denmark, Sweden and Norway, contact Mr. Kern in the headquarters office. +1 866 972 3835

* In Germany, France, Switzerland, Estonia or the Benelux countries, contact Mr. Mark Dios in Geneva. +44 (22) 300 68 82

* In the Czech Republic, Hungary & Bulgaria, contact  Dr. Gabriel Brenka in Prague. +420 224 223 501

*  In Greece, contact Mr. Nikos Sakellaridis at ARXNET, SA in Thessaloniki. +30 2310 250 151

*  In Italy, contact Mr. Kern at the Company headquarters. +1 866 972 3835 or at his office in San Marino, +378 0549 911 007.

*  In Spain and Portugal, contact Mr. Christian Grütte at Leonardo Venablers, SA in Barcelona. +34 932 955 462

For general referrals throughout Europe, you may also contact the South Carolina Department of Commerce European Office in Munich. +49 (8929) 19170.

Panamax Vessel - 70,000 MT Capacity